Self Improvement is the Best Improvement

Everyone wants the best and many of us try to help others and we feel great doing so. As leaders in sport and business we want our teams to succeed and we put effort into ensuring this happens. However, many leaders forget the most important part of any team around them and this really does hinder results.

To find success, as with real happiness, one needs to look inwards not always outwards. Self-Improvement has its nay-sayers and yet self-improvement is the very best improvement one can consider. If you become a better person, can do something better or do something new you have something to share with others and you have an advantage. Self-Improvement grows you from the inside and touches and changes areas of your life that many never even knew could help them become a better person.

Self-improvement books

Over the years, self-improvement books have been  sellers on every bookselling chart. From Moving cheese to consuming chicken soup, self-improvement books of all kinds are available for all kinds of purposes for all kinds of people. Many people buy these books, read them or just read the first few pages, realise there is no instant result and that is it. No self-improvement book is an instant fix as self-improvement is an ongoing process. In many respects a self-improvement book is merely a set of suggestions that have worked for someone, it doesn’t mean that everything will work for you and most certainly not overnight.

Continuous development

Self-Improvement is a process that needs ongoing attention. It is something that needs to be taken seriously and personally. Everyone has difference goals in life and for self-development to work these goals need to be known. Setting aside intentional time to develop yourself, even 15 minutes a day will pay off. Self-development needs dedication and commitment and results will show slowly but surely. There is nothing wrong with mixing up some ideas from any of the many self-help books as long as it works for you but doing something daily or regularly is essential.

Selfish for success

Self-improvement can be seen as selfish by some, but it is not. The very fact that you take yourself, your life or your career serious enough to keep improving means you have a right to be selfish. What you are doing may feel or seem selfish, but the rewards are worth it. Self-development is all about you and what others say or think is not worth worrying about.  The most successful people in the world become selfish for a few minutes each day or hours each week and that is the secret to their success. Focusing on improving your self and being a little selfish is what makes you a better person, better leader and more successful in whatever you choose to do.

Start today

Yesterday was the best day for self-improvement to begin but today is equally as good. Set yourself some goals, don’t expect overnight results and do something every day and you will soon understand why self-improvement is the best improvement.